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Dry horsetail - 100 grams

Dried horsetail for use in herbal teas or decoctions in agriculture or viticulture.

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We offer dried horsetail, as far as possible certified organic and sometimes Demeter, for use in herbal teas or decoctions in organic and biodynamic agriculture & viticulture.

Field Horsetail

Horsetail grows at a soil depth of at least 50 cm, making it difficult to uproot and allowing it to drain stagnant water on the surface. Its growth cycle includes a fertile phase with green spores, followed by a sterile phase characterized by mineral-laden stems.

Be careful not to confuse field horsetail with marsh horsetail, which as its name suggests, grows in very humid areas. Unlike field horsetail, the marsh variety is less effective, requiring much larger quantities to produce similar effects.

Use of Horsetail in Viticulture

Horsetail is beneficial for plants on several levels. Its high silica content, up to 70%, makes it effective in fighting fungal diseases by strengthening leaf cells' resistance and drying out wet surfaces. Its mineral richness makes it an excellent elicitor for plants, especially vines, providing them with the necessary nutrients for growth and defense. For optimal use, it is often brewed for several hours.

However, it is recommended not to use too much horsetail during the season, as its drying power can exacerbate the conditions of already dry soils or struggling plants.

Recommended Dosage and Preparation Advice

100 g/ha of dried horsetail or between 800 g and 1 kg per hectare of fresh horsetail (if harvested yourself).

Decoction remains the ideal method. Let the horsetail simmer in rainwater or non-chlorinated water for 40 to 60 minutes. After filtration, you can dilute it in the volume of water intended to be spread over 1 hectare.

Horsetail decoction is often used in addition to copper and sulfur, thus limiting their dosages.

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