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Created in 1978, in a village in the Baux valley, by Hubert Nyssen and his wife, Christine Le Boeuf, soon joined by the other founders, Françoise Nyssen, Bertrand Py, Jean-Paul Capitani, the Actes Sud editions develop an editorial policy generalist.

Very quickly, they distinguished themselves not only by their location in the region, their graphic identity (book format, choice of paper, illustrated covers, etc.), but also by opening up their catalog to foreign literature.

Installed since 1983, at a place called Le Méjan, in Arles, the Actes Sud editions continue their development in a desire for independence and a spirit of discovery and sharing, constantly maintaining the dynamics of the so-called chain of conviction, which goes from the author to the reader via the main prescribers, booksellers, librarians, media, cultural partners. If its catalog, from the outset, has reserved an essential place for literature, it also welcomes authors from various fields of knowledge or multiple artistic disciplines. Governed by two keywords, pleasure and necessity, Actes Sud editions are committed to supporting and encouraging the creativity of all those who participate in their editorial adventure and to promote the emergence and recognition of their talent.

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BOOK Fécondité de la terre & Le visage de la terre
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Un livre faisant suite aux conférences de Rudolf Steiner de 1924 car l'auteur, Ehrenfried Pfeiffer, a participé à l'évènement et a appliqué les méthodes en tant que biochimiste et agronome. Il a apporté une contribution décisive au développement de la biodynamie, expérimentant dans des fermes en Europe et aux États-Unis, conseillant les agriculteurs qui avaient adopté cette nouvelle pratique et écrivant de nombreux articles et livres.
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