Dynamizer D37 Ecodyn 3D
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Dynamizer 37 liters

Dynamizer for biodynamic agriculture and viticulture.

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In partnership with the Eco-Dyn company, we offer three models of mechanical stirring machine (37L, 110L and 250L) to boost biodynamic preparations (horn dung and horn silica) in biodynamic agriculture and viticulture.

Guetting start with dynamizer 110 liters (37 liters is smaller)


Galvanized steel frame with an approximately 60 liters tank (useful capacity 30 to 40 liters). The dynamiser blades are made of copper and the bottom of the tank is rounded to ensure an optimal vortex. The fact that the motor is on the side, and not under the tank, leaves the bottom of the latter perfectly accessible for the installation of a possible heating. To facilitate its movement, the dynamiser is mounted with two 200 mm diameter wheels.


The copper blades rotate at a speed of about 150 rpm. A rotation time of 13 to 15 seconds is followed by a stop of 1 to 2 seconds. The start in the opposite direction is sudden enough to obtain a powerful chaos (passage of the course to the farmers on the dynamization "We reverse the direction of rotation, so that the whole bubbles towards the opposite side."). The inversion of the vortex is done using a level probe (height of the vortex) allowing the machine to find its own rhythm which, during mixing, changes with the change in the characteristics of the water.


By a 26/34 valve allowing emptying in 2 to 3 minutes


By Poly-V pulleys


230V - 50 Hz single phase (220V - 60 Hz optional)


0.77 x 0.604 x 1.04 meters (length x width x height)


80 kg

Tank volume

Around 60 liters

Stirring volume

Between 30 and 40 liters for a potential surface of 1 hectare per dynamizer at a rate of 30-40 liters per hectare for horn dung or horn silica.

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