Vertical tank sprayer 500 liter
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Vertical tank sprayer 500 liter

Attached sprayer for applying preparations in biodynamic agriculture and viticulture.

Due to the variability of the raw material price, we prefer to quote. This allows us to include the transport price depending on the place of delivery.

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In partnership with the Eco-Dyn company, we offer two models of sprayers (vertical tank and horizontal tank) in 3 capacities (200L, 300L and 500L) to spray biodynamic preparations (horn dung and horn silica) in agriculture and biodynamic viticulture.


Galvanized steel frame with a stainless steel tank with a content of approximately 500 litres. The sprayer is equipped with a small pump, an oscillating jet system of the windshield wiper type allowing the horn dung preparation to be passed in large drops and a turbine allowing the horn silica preparation to be blown into the air by microdrops.

This model is a sprayer hitched to the rear of the tractor.


Double spray system with a system allowing the application of horn dung with nozzles on an oscillating jet. And another system allowing the application of horn silica with a turbine spraying the preparation in the atmosphere above the plantations.


By a 26/34 valve allowing emptying in 2 to 3 minutes


By power take-off.


1.25 x 0.85 x 1.85 meters (length x width x height)


190 kg

Tank volume

500 liters

Stirring volume

About 500 liters for a potential area of 13-17 hectares per sprayer at the rate of 30-40 liters per hectare for horn dung or horn silica.

Example of using the 300 liter horizontal tank sprayer

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